Hairdressing Supplies | 3 Attentive Tips When Choosing A Hair Straightener For Your Salon

Hairdressing supplies like straighteners are vital to any salon business that specialises in hair cutting, trimming and styling. Using the power of heat, these hair straighteners can tame the wildest hair to make it look delicate and stylish without much effort. This guide is designed to help you identify certain must-have features in a hair straightener for your salon.

Choose Different Plates To Manage Hair Type

Choosing the right plates for hair straighteners is important because you won't want to cause damage to your client's hair depending on its specific type. A good idea may be to purchase a few straighteners with different plates to cater to diverse hair types. For example, ceramic straighteners work best for thin or fine hair because the plates heat up evenly to smoothen or reduce frizz without having to redo the same hair strands over again. This even heat distribution ensures minimal damage to thin hair. Titanium plates work best for coarse and thick hair because they hold high heat temperatures to straighten hair quickly. Since you're likely to get diverse clients with different hair types, you should add both these straightener plate types to your salon's repertoire.

Pick A Hair Straightener With Adjustable Temperature Settings

Having adjustable temperature settings is important because your customers naturally have different hair types that will respond differently to the heat from the straightener. Adjustable temperature settings in hairdressing supplies like straighteners will enable you to use lower settings for people with thin or damaged hair and higher temperatures for people with coarse hair. This way you won't risk the possibility of causing damage to your customer's hair and to your business reputation. Being able to regulate the temperature of the straightener will give you added flexibility in your quest to create different hairstyles and looks for your customers.

Make Sure The Straightener Heat Up Time Is Low

When buying a hair straightener for your salon, you should consider the time it takes to heat up. This will lessen your waiting time, allowing you to work on hair quicker. The quicker you are able to work on straightening hair, the more customers you will be able to work with in the course of a business day at your salon. This also lessens the amount of time your customers have to wait to get their desired results. As a hair expert, you'll also know that straightener plates cool down when they encounter hair, so quicker reheating time will help you achieve a desired hairstyle quicker.

Follow these attentive tips when buying hairdressing supplies like straighteners for your salon.  

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