3 Productivity Boosting Scents Every Business Owner Should Know About

When you are a business owner, you have to juggle hundreds of responsibilities at the same time. Something that is at the forefront of every business owner's mind is how to create the most productive working environment possible, because greater productivity equals greater revenue and increased profits. Of course, this is not a simplistic thing and there are many factors that affect employee productivity, but something neglected and easy to experiment with is scent.

When most people thing about aromatherapy oils and scents, they usually think of their relaxing properties, but there are certain smells that are energising and productivity boosting. Spritz these oils around the workspace and even encourage your cleaning company to incorporate these aromatherapy oils into their cleaning products, and you could find that your business output ramps up overnight.

Rosemary. You might be more familiar with the scent of rosemary on your dinner table, but it's also very powerful in a working situation. Studies have shown that rosemary is a booster for both mental power and mood, both essential attributes for an office that functions well. If you want to foster a positive environment where people work collaboratively and with smiles on their faces, reach for the rosemary oil.

Peppermint. The zinginess of peppermint is something that makes people feel more alert and awake. For those Monday mornings when your staff seem a little sluggish, a whiff of refreshing peppermint could give them just the lift they need, which is a far healthier choice than a big cup of coffee that will only cause a caffeine crash once the high wears off. And like rosemary, peppermint also elevates mood so that people can work through their daily challenges more effectively. As well as burning peppermint oil in the office, you could also provide mint tea in the work kitchen.

Cinnamon. Cinnamon is more commonly thought of as an ingredient you would eat in baked goods than a scent used in aromatherapy, but actually it has many beneficial properties in the workplace. One of cinnamon's best qualities is that it aids concentration. Let's face it – when you ask your employees to sit at a desk for hours at a time performing challenging tasks, it's no surprise that concentration can wane, but a sniff of cinnamon in the office could provide the solution to this.

One of the really great things about using these oils in the office is that they are cheap enough to experiment with without causing damage to your bottom line, so why not try these out and see what effects they could have on your workforce and your business?

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