Hairdresser | 4 Face-Flattering Hairstyles For Women With Round Faces

While round faces are attractively youthful, the right haircut will add an air of sophistication. Before getting a new style at the hairdresser, consider these face-flattering hairstyles for your round-shaped face.

Varied Outward Layers For Medium-Length Hair

Varied lengths for medium-length hair are great for angling the layers outwards without boxing in your face. Inward layers tend to make a round face look shorter, so you'll want to ensure that the layers are angled outwards. You can get this look by asking your hairdresser for loose layers that begin slightly below your chin if you have medium-length hair. You'll want the waves to be feathered away from your face to give it a slightly more contoured look.

Angled Bangs For All Hair Lengths

Heavy angled fringes can be extremely flattering on women with round faces because they draw the eye away from the roundness. Angled bangs work great on short, medium or long hair, so you can ask your hairdresser for this style if you're a fan of this look. Angled downward bangs just above the eyebrows can also highlight a woman's eyes beautifully, so consider this look when you're trying to flaunt your best assets without drawing attention to your round face.

Tapering Pixie Cut For Short Hair

Contrary to popular opinion, short hair isn't bad for women with round faces. In fact, the right hairstyle can make short hair extremely appealing. A pixie haircut with short tapering sides and a side-swept fringe can add plenty of definition to round faces. The side-swept bangs should ideally graze over your cheekbones to define them nicely without accentuating the roundness of your face. Before your hairdresser picks up the scissors, you'll want to ask her for a little hair softness around your ears. Cutting around the ears excessively or with too much definition will end up looking masculine. The hair area around your ears should ideally not be too stiff if you want a delicate finish for your pixie cut.

Delicate Layers For Long Hair

Long hair works well for women with round faces because it tends to lengthen the face, which is the ultimate goal for women with this facial shape. Adding subtle and delicate layers that start near the collarbone will prevent long hair from falling flat and looking dull. These light layers will give your hair a little lift, so that your hairstyle doesn't look lifeless. Add side-swept bangs to give your cheeks definition and to add some drama to your hairstyle.

If you have a round face, consider these hairstyle ideas before your appointment at a salon like Kenricks Hair & Makeup.

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