Questions to Ask Before Taking a Makeup Course

Learning how to apply makeup like a professional can open up a wide range of career choices for both men and women. While it's easy to think that makeup is only professionally applied to actors and actresses working on movie sets, remember that TV reporters and anchorpersons also have makeup applied every day, local commercials that are filmed in your area will need makeup persons, and of course women get makeup applied professionally for a wide range of events. When you're ready to take a makeup course, either online or in person, note a few questions to ask beforehand.

1. Ask what is covered by the course fee by way of supplies

You may assume that your course fee will include all the makeup supplies you'll need for your class, but this is not a good assumption to make. A class might provide you with certain supplies but you may also need to purchase many items to use for practice or to bring with you to class, including brushes, cleansers, and the like. You may also need a Styrofoam head or other practice "dummy" for assignments. Always ask what is included and what you should expect to purchase on your own when you sign up for any course.

2. Ask if you'll be expected to bring samples of your own work

Many makeup courses will give you instructions and go through courses and then expect you to work on certain assignments at home, and in turn, you may be required to take pictures of your work or bring in that Styrofoam head after makeup is applied. If this is the case, be sure you have a good camera or are prepared to show your work to your instructor for the course.

3. Note if the class qualifies you for certain licensing

Not all areas require someone applying makeup to be licensed, but some areas do have license requirements to work as a makeup artist. You may also find that newsrooms, commercial production facilities, and other such businesses prefer using a licensed cosmologist. In those cases, it's good to ask if the class you'll be taking qualifies you for such licensing or if the license is part of the course completion. If not, they may still be able to help you find out more about the requirements for licensing in your area or for working in particular industries and assist you with paperwork, filing for the license, and so on.

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