Salon Equipment | 4 Strategies To Choose Professional Hair Straighteners For Home-Based Salons

Even if you're running a salon from your home, you'll need to ensure that the salon equipment you choose meets professional standards if you want to succeed and stay competitive in this industry. Hairdressing equipment like hair straighteners and curlers come with certain specifications to help you make the right choices. Use this guide as the stepping stone to choosing professional hair straighteners for your home-based salon.

Understand Plate Width For Different Hair Lengths and Types

When you run a salon, chances are your customers will vary widely with their hair lengths and types. You'll need to understand different plate widths for different hair types because you'll probably need to have a few in stock. Slim plates are best suited to short and straight hair. Medium plates are best suited for short to medium-length hair. Wide plates are ideal for thick and long hair. Since you're likely to have customers with all types of hair, you may ideally like to have them all in your salon.

Choose High Wattage With Adjustable Power

When buying salon equipment for hair, wattage often gives you an indication of its power. Additional and adjustable power gives you more flexibility because you can set the hair straightener to high or low temperatures, depending on what you are looking for. Hair straighteners with high watts work best for thick and curly hair, but extremely hot temperatures may not be the ideal choice for thin hair. Adjustable power allows you to lower the temperature setting to suit the requirements of thinner hair, so you don't end up damaging it. Some hair straightener models even offer digital displays for greater accuracy, giving you more flexibility when you work with clients.

Look For Automatic Shut-Off Features

Running a home-based salon probably keeps you busy through the day, so you may end up forgetting to turn off your hair straightener. This could end up being extremely dangerous as an overheated hair straightener could trigger an unprecedented fire, putting the lives of your family members at risk. An automatic shut-off feature turns off your hair straightener after a given time, so you don't cause needless damage to your house.

Choose Ceramic Plates For Even Heating  

The plate material must be an excellent conductor of heat for optimum performance. To reduce hair breakage, you'll want to ensure that there is minimal friction between hair and the plate. Ceramic plates are perhaps the most popular choice because they retain heat at constant temperatures and heat evenly across the plate. Some hair straighteners come with glass plates, but these aren't durable because they can chip or crack easily when dropped.

Use these tips when choosing salon equipment like professional hair straighteners for your home-based salon. You can shop for straighteners and other hairdressing equipment at a company like Elasta Hairdressing Suppliers.

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