Choosing a gift for a new mum

If you are looking for a gift for a new friend who's become a new mum, it can be great to look for something that isn't just a teeny-tiny baby suit or yet another bunch of flowers. Finding a gift that recognises the physical and emotional process your friend has just gone through to become a mother can be a fantastic and memorable gift. 

A body massage

The last few months of pregnancy, as well as the process of giving birth, takes its toll on the mother's body. New mums are often sore and uncomfortable, as well as somewhat out of shape. A body massage can help to relieve aches and pains, provide relaxation and can help the new mum feel positive in her changing body. A body massage at a salon that specialises in massage from new mums can be a great gift for these reasons.

A photography session

While smart phones capture many snaps of the new baby, they tend to also capture less than flattering angles of the new mum. While new mums don't always feel their best physically in the weeks after giving birth, getting some attractive and flattering shots of mum with her new baby is an invaluable gift for a new mum. They can provide her with a memento of this moment in her life. Professional photographers can capture the emotions of the time, and the pictures will be looked back on for years to come.

A new set of lounge pants

New mums spend a lot of time in and out of bed and at home. A new pair of lounge pants, in a very loose fit, can double as day wear and pajamas for the new mum. Choose a luxe fabric such as silk cotton knit (in summer), or a silk cashmere blend in winter, for pants that look as good to wear as they feel. Make sure to choose a blend that can be machine washed and tumble dried for maximum ease. These kinds of clothes can easily and quickly be dressed up so that when unexpected visitors pop in, the new mum can feel comfortable not having to rush to change.

A thoughtful gift for the new mum is a great way to celebrate this new stage of her life. It's a wonderful opportunity to pamper your friend in this beautiful time and help her to enjoy her time as a new mother.

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